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Aerocalc is  program written in VB, it is made of modules that perform different calculations and also it can be tailored for your special needs.
This program is free for Students and Teachers as long you credit the source of it. Donations are always welcome. For Commercial use please contact me.
Register it so you can be informed of updates it by sending an e-mail to HST@Matallana-Mejia.com
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Santiago Matallana

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Download Information:
Windows 98/2k/XP:  Aerocalculator_MDI_3p11.zip
Setup Instructions:
1) Download it into a temporary directory
2) unzip it
3) Run setup and follow directions

AeroCalculator: Screenshoot
Main Menu and Submenus
---Conversion ( Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Force, Press, Work, Power, Time, Freq, Temp, Density, Angle, Torque, Velocity, Acceleration, Numbers, Prefix)

---Drill bit sizes
-Aero (ISO & English Units)
---Air Constants
---Std. Atmosphere( altitude, Temp, density, Speed of Sound)  and  Airspeeds ( Mach, Veas, Vkeas, Vtrue, q (Dynamic Pressure) )
---1D Isentropic Flow Properties
---1D Normal Shock Flow

---Finance Calculator
---Geographic Distance
---Sun and Planets

If you need more information, please contact us.
Designed by Santiago Matallana
Mechanical, Electrical and Aerospace Engineer.
Email: Santiago@Matallana-Mejia.com

Disclaimer:  As always, by downloading these files, programs and information, your liable and responsible of the use and results of it. The user of this program assume all responsability of the use of it and verification of all calculations performed with it. The program is provided as it is and the answers must be verified by other methods and calculations.