My Isuzu Trooper Window Glass Clip Story

Santiago Matallana

How to get one, Window glass Clip Information

I have an Isuzu Trooper 1996,  the vehicle is excellent but damm! they do not last for ever. One day the left front window did not went up any more, it got stucked in the middle and twisted to one side, luckily it did not fall inside and broke. I decided to disassemble the door panel and check what was happening (please get the manual or search in the internet for your specific car). Finally I fond the broken plastic piece. When I picked the pieces, I could not believe how poor it was designed. Well it lasted like 14 years.

Orginial Window Clip Broken

So after this, I called the Isuzu dealer to ask for the parts and the quoted the whole window, parts did not come separately. so, next option was go to a junk yard, they also quoted lower but high price.

I ordered 2 pieces from e.b.a.y, and very bad quality. Here is the part , it did not work after 2 weeks, I think they are made in Thailand. The plastic used in this part is not the appropriate for the job.

Window Glass Clip         Thailand 1 Window Glass Clip Thailand 2

Cheap and bad quality ordered part

Then after, a friend of mine got a 3D printer, so he offered to print the parts I need, so after looking for free 3d software in the Web, I found Autodesk123D(Registered Mark), a very good program to work and design the parts. I measured and sketched the part and after a few iterations I got a working part, and the I decided to improve and optimized it with all Engineering calculations.

First Iteration:

Window Clip First Iteration PArt  

Installed on Isuzu Trooper 1996

Window Clip First Iteration Installed Isuzu Trooper 1996

Note: the black glue is urethane, works good but too expensive
There is better glue for this.

After a few Iterations here is the final part:


If you are interested to get one of these parts please e-mail me or follow this  Window glass Clip Information.

Design Progression:

Window Glass Clip Design Pregression         1  Window Glass Clip Design Pregression 2

The first 2 from the right were deigned and made by me, the 2nd is the best a design overkill the first one is improved and optimized.

Note: In the Left Picture the last, or in the right picture the 2nd from the right. I got this part from ebay, and did not last a week. It is made of a very soft plastic material, it did not broke it just does not have the material strength.The second from the left, this part is a little bit over-designed, but it is the strongest. (It can be ordered also). Every part is build after it is ordered, if you need a part, the best way is to contact me, perhaps send me a sketch with dimensions or the part and the quantity you need and then I can quote it for you.

How to get one, Window glass Clip Information