The "Noral Coffee" name was born in 1962, from the name of the farm my father started in the mountains of Colombia, it is 2 hours away from Bogota, the name of the farm is "El Noral". That is why coffee has been part of my life and my family.
I grew up around coffee plants, hiking through winding mountainous trails surrounded by coffee trees, coffee flowers blooming, and coffee cherries ripening. As a kid, I used to eat the fresh red cherries and I remember my parents telling me that it would give me a stomachache. I'm  still waiting for that......
Parts of my earliest memories are coffee beans spread throughout the corridor outside the house, drying in the sun, and bags of fresh dried coffee ready to be transported to markets around the world. I remember going with my father to a town nearby to sell the coffee bags to the Colombian government entity "Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia" with Juan Valdez in his logo, which would then select it and export it.
In the harvesting season, when seasonal coffee workers come to pick up coffee manually with baskets hanging from their waist and spend their day picking as much coffee as they can.
Up until today, the farm still belongs to the family, and it is still growing coffee. This is the reason why, when I came to live in the USA, I want to continue the coffee family business, my dream.
Coffee is part of my life and heritage, and I want to share it with all the coffee drinkers, roasters and brewers who enjoy a good fresh cup of coffee.

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