Santiago Matallana
Sr Aerospace, Systems and Controls Engineer

18282 Anduin Terrace

Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Phone: 503-439-0629

Cell: 503-330-1154

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Sr. Systems & Controls Engineer at RockwellCollins

April 2006 - Present

Sr. Systems and Controls Engineer

- Head Up Display

- Systems Design, Modelling, testing and Verification
- Flight Guidance Control Design

- Matlab & Simulink

- Requirement development, testing and Verification

- Model Based Development

- SCA Structural Coverage Analysis
- Flight Hazard Assesment (FHA), Systems Safety Analysis (SSA) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

- Tools: RequisitePro, Prep, Doors, SVN, Cafca


Owner, Roaster.... at Noral Coffee

August 2003 - August 2010 (7 years 1 month)

A coffee roasting Company located in Portland, Oregon.

Job description

- Owner



- Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, The Wichita State University, July 1996.  Mayor: Aerodynamics, Minor: Structures and Controls

- Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Andes University, March 1988.

- Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Andes University, September 1985.



- Inventions, Innovation and Design
- New technologies

- Science and Technology
- Multidisciplinary Systems Integration and Behavior



- Upon request


Past :

Noral Coffee- January/2005 –Today

- Develop and support SQL & Visual Basic Database Applications.

- Installation and operation of  Roaster and Packaging.


Consulting:  Sept/2003 - 2006

- Develop and support SQL & Visual Basic Database Applications(VB6, SQL)

- Develop Engineering Standalone Application for Windows Based Systems (HandySoftools)


Raytheon Aircraft Company, Sr. Engineer, Aerodynamics S&C, Jul/1996-Aug/2003
Sr. Engineer, Aerodynamicist, Fluid Mechanics, S&C, Structural Design and Stress Engineer for the Hawker Horizon Project.

- Development of Software tools for technical applications. Analysis and design, In MS Excel, Access, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, Java, Perl. Designed and developed a flight test database (MS Access) and user interface integrating flight test plans, flight data and output plotting for development and certification of the Hawker Horizon, FAR Part 25. Incorporated searching and filtering data analysis.

- CFD using VSAERO for analysis and support of Ice detector locations, wing anti ice exhaust leading edge location, piccolo tube analysis for engine anti ice, aircraft pressure distributions for hazardous fluids inlets and vents analysis and location establishment. Use of CFD for Water droplets (15 to 50 micron sizes) and Ice particle trajectory and impingement analysis for the relocation of ice detectors in the aircraft.

- NACA inlets sizing and Internal flow analysis and sizing for ducts and vents of fuselage. Hazardous fluids venting. Aircraft Internal flow analysis, design and size of inlets, louvers, ducts for flammable fluids hazard, heat sources and ACS systems. Generation of the Mach Altitude variable NACA inlets schedules. Internal flow,

- Wing fuel tank discharge valve fluid flow modeling, analysis and design.

- Production, Specify of the Symmetry and Alignment for the Hawker Horizon Aircraft. Supported the production by verification of the Aerodynamics Smoothness Specifications.

- S&C and performance Flight-test support. Work in the aerodynamics group in the development and use of the desktop flight simulator. Predicted flight characteristics and flight hazard assessment. Performed wind tunnel data reduction and extrapolation for the generation of aircraft stability coefficients. Performed range, cruise, landing and take off performance studies to support product development.

- Structural Stress Analysis, Engine Beams and Pylon, Classical Stress Analysis and  FEA, Nastran and Patran.

- Performed design, size and stress analysis engine beams, pylon and substructures.

Wichita State University, 1994-1996

- Aerospace Department - Research Assistant, Computational and experimental aerodynamics.

- Deicing research, Wind tunnel testing and data reducing for determining Performance of 2-D NACA0011 and 3-D wing-fuselage body configuration using Gurney flaps, 2D panel methods with boundary layer condition for airfoil and CFD FORTRAN coding.
Research dynamic behavior of two coupled airfoils under gust load conditions.
Developed aircraft dynamic flight model (linear and nonlinear) to evaluate aircraft stability and loads.

- Developed model for evaluating and optimize aircraft take off performance.
Performed static load distribution for award wining AGATE general aviation aircraft design.

- Panel methods: Used panel methods with wake and boundary layer correction to calculate Cl, Cm, Cd vs. alpha for various airfoils in order to characterize airfoil performance. Utilized Eppler code for achieving performance goals for airfoil design.

- CFD: Developed code for generation of CFD meshes for various geometries. Applied Navier-Stokes equations.

- SAE Cargo Plane Aircraft Competition



Sociedad Inversiones Mago Ltd, Software Engineer, Summer 1994

- Designed, developed and implemented a MS-Access an Visual Basic data base of technical information for product design, development and production.

DelAir Ltd, Design and Manufacturing Engineer , 1991-1993

- Responsible for design and development of Hang gliders and Ultralights. Wing and airframe structural design. Designed and constructed production tooling. Designed and built an electronic altimeter.

Andes University, Teacher and Support Engineer, 1989-1993

- Taught engineering graphics and instrumentation.

- Designed and implemented electronic interfaces for portable data acquisitions systems, datalogger and transducers (Pressure, Temperature…)

Siemens Gmbh, Customer Training Software and Design Engineer., 1988-1989

- Hardware design and implementation; Taught courses to customers on programming of  SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Simmatic

Colombian Hang Gliding and Paragliding School (E.C.V.L), Manager and Instructor., 1985-1993

- Responsible for management of all areas in the school.

- Prepared all teaching material and performed all hands on flight instruction.

- Purchased and repaired all hang gliders.

Industrias Ramfe Ltd., Gear and Reduction Drives Factory, System Manager and Mechanical-Software Engineer,1985-1986, 1989-1990

- Designed and constructed a product technical database, parts analysis and design. Performed CNC machine programming. Performed electronic design.


- Designed and constructed an Emergency ignition system for Gasoline Vehicles.



- "Development of Streamlines for a PC (Apple II plus)" Software
ME, Degree Project, 1985

- "Development of a Master-Slave microprocessor configuration for parallel processing "Software Assembler-Hardware EE, Degree Project, 1988.

- Computer Skills

- Scientific Software:            Finite Elements MSC/NASTRAN, Patran Femap, Mathcad, Matlab-Simulink CATIA V4,(Wire frame, Surfaces and Solids, NC programming) 4000hrs,VSAERO.

- Languages: FORTRAN, C, PASCAL, Visual Basic, Vbscript, Assembler, SQL, Perl, PHP,           Html, MySql., Java, Javascript.

- Systems:      Unix, MS-Windows 9X, Windows 2000.

- Other:           Word, Lotus123, MSAccess, MSExcel, MS-Project., Visual Studio


Languages Spoken:

- German:       Read, write and speak.

- English:        Fluent Read, write and speak.

- Spanish:       Fluent Read, write and speak. Mother language.


Organizations Membership:

- EAA Experimental Aircraft Association.